Johor Bahru: Sekola Baroka

Baby Crab and Tilapia had some errands to run in Johor Bahru this past weekend. We had some time to kill, so we wandered around the southern part of Bandar Johor Bahru.

We came across a stand with a sign on it that intrigued us. It said something about books and a cafe, and it led to a flight of stairs. Curious, we decided to climb the flight of stairs to see what was there.

Inside was a guy with long curly hair. His name was Rayhan Ahmad. He started Sekola Baroka a couple of years ago with the goal of keeping street kids in Johor Bahru off the streets.

The school runs evening classes for the kids every night, except Fridays. In June 2019, the programme was offered a pre-war shophouse where they operate out of. The non-profit pays RM2,000 per month for rental, which they rely on donations and workshops to pay.

However, Rayhan told us that even if the parents of the kids can’t pay for the workshop, he still lets them come for classes.

We were fascinated by his story and inspired by him. He’s on the lookout for more volunteers to come and help out with the classes, especially Chinese and Indian volunteers.

Rayhan Ahmad is the founder of Sekola Baroka.

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