Sabah Road Trip Reflections, Part 2 – Driving

Taking a road trip
A long, lonely road
A metaphor for life

Go at your own pace
Let others overtake
No need to keep pace

They are on their own journey
You are on your own journey
You are not going to their destination
They are not going to yours 

Go at your own pace
According to your own capability

The journey is not the destination
How fast you get there
Does not determine the quality
Of your journey

The journey is the journey
The quality is in your drive 

Sometimes you must go slow 
While others cruise on by
Sometimes you go fast
While others chug on slowly

Be kind to those you pass
Others will be kind to you

Help those who need it
According to your ability

Sometimes the road is easy
Where many others have gone before
Where many others will go
Where it is easy to go fast

Sometimes the road is difficult
Where few others have gone
Where few others will go
Where you must go slow

Take a road trip
A long, lonely road
A metaphor for life


Choose your travel companions wisely

The road from Tawau to Keningau

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