Malaysia Bus Trip – Gelang Patah

We try to travel overseas once a month if possible. We don’t always get to borrow a car, but travelling by bus is an option too.

For most people, travelling by bus is tiring and time consuming. But one thing about travelling by bus is that it’s cheap. It’s best done by those who have lots of time though.

For this trip, we have set aside 5 days. Most of it is unplanned. We know only that we are going to Pontian on the first day.

The last time we went to Pontian, we took SBS 170X from Kranji MRT to Larkin, and then took Maju 96 to Pontian. Depending on the day that you choose, it takes about 4-6 hours from home to Pontian.

It’s cheap though. It costs about S$1.50 from Kranji to Larkin, and another RM5.30 to Pontian. Which means it costs less than S$5.00 to get to Pontian. Who says travelling is expensive?

But today, we wanted to try a different route. We took Causeway Link CW3/4 from Hiring East to 2nd Link, and then CW4 to Gelang Patah.

Actually Baby Tilapia made a recce trip here with Papa Tilapia and Mummy Tilapia earlier in the week, but travelling on a Friday is very different from travelling on a Tuesday. Immigration takes a whole lot longer because there are many more tour buses on the weekend. But immigration is still faster than at Causeway on an ordinary weekday.

Shorter time means higher cost. In our case taking CW4 to Gelang Patah cost S$4.30 each and taking it from Gelang Patah to Pontian costs anther RM4.20 each. On a normal weekday, it takes a much shorter time to get to Pontian than via the Larkin route, and the price difference is about S$1.00-2.00. That’s a good trade-off.

You can use your EZ-Link card to pay for your bus ticket at Jurong East Bus Interchange. Be sure to keep this ticket as you will need it after crossing 2nd Link.

So what’s at Gelang Patah?

Uhhh…. There’s nothing here.

Ok ok, there’s a Restoran Chua Kee that is a Chinese tze char that has some awesome dishes, including seafood.

The funny thing is that Baby Crab doesn’t eat seafood, not even fish, except for one seafood, which is crab. And Baby Tilapia, while he doesn’t like to eat seafood but will eat if it’s front of him, does like to eat one seafood, which is fish.

Restoran Chua Kee has excellent crab and fish. And it’s got the best salted egg pork rib we’ve had for a while.

Restoran Chua Kee is known for its seafood. The crab comes in 3 signature sauces: spicy, black pepper, and salted egg. This is black pepper.

It’s located within 5 minutes walking distance from Gelang Patah Bus Station. Here’s the address:

Jalan Kacang Panjang, Gelang Patah, 81550 Gelang Patah, Johor

Besides this, there’s really nothing else at Gelang Patah that we’ve found interesting. Sure, Legoland and Hello Kitty Town are in the Gelang Patah district, and would be of interest to parents and children, but that’s not generally the kind of place that we like to travel to.

It seems to be a residential area for people who work in Singapore, and an industrial area. Maybe if we had a car we could explore further, but not this time.

For us, it was just a place to stop and have a delicious lunch while waiting for the 3.30pm bus to Pontian.

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