Melaka Weekend — Pulau Konet

On our way up to Cape Rachado Lighthouse, we passed by a place that Baby Tilapia wanted to check out. It’s called Pulau Konet. According to articles he’s read online, there’s something special about Pulau Konet that happens twice a day. When it is low tide, Pulau Konet becomes attached to the mainland via a […]

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Melaka Weekend — Bar Hopping

One thing we enjoyed about our time in Melaka Town was the number of bars we visited. Actually, this isn’t an activity that Baby Tilapia does. Since we were in the company of friends, it was fun. Melaka does have nightlife, but it seems all concentrated around the Jonker Street area. There’s the night market, […]

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Melaka Weekend — Sand Dunes

If you’re the adventurous sort, and you like to go to places that are not just off-road, but also off-map, then you have to check out the Melaka Sand Dunes. It’s not a natural feature. The internet tells us that it was part of a land reclamation project that was never completed. Maybe the construction […]

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Melaka Weekend — Melaka Town

Following our visit to Wooden Box cafe at Batu Pahat, we continued our drive up north. We passed by Muar but didn’t stop as we had already spent a lot of time at Segenting earlier in the day and were behind schedule by about 2 hours. Not that our schedule was particularly important; it was […]

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Melaka Weekend — Segengting

Most people, when they go to Batu Pahat, they go only to Batu Pahat town. Actually, when most people travel, they go only to the places that other people recommend them, places that most other people go to. When we travel, we like to go to new places, see things we have never seen before. […]

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Melaka Weekend — The Beginning

It’s been almost 3 years since we’ve written anything in this blog, 3 years since we’ve travelled out of Singapore, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With international borders opening up again, we decided to restart our travel plans and share them here. Recently we drove up to Melaka with a couple of friends — Teck […]

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