Melaka Weekend — Segengting

Most people, when they go to Batu Pahat, they go only to Batu Pahat town. Actually, when most people travel, they go only to the places that other people recommend them, places that most other people go to.

When we travel, we like to go to new places, see things we have never seen before. This trip is no different.

About 8km away from Batu Pahat town, there is a small town called Segenting.

There are 3 places in this area that were of interest — lighthouse, beach, jetty. But this time round, we had time to visit just one, so we chose the jetty.

The jetty is located at Kampong Segenting. To get there, you must drive down a narrow road that is wide enough for only one car. When you drive to as deep in as you can, you will be directed to a carpark that you need to pay RM2 for.

Nearby, there is a seafood restaurant, but we didn’t come here to eat, since we just had two breakfasts in Pontian town (link to previous post).

There is also a wall mural around there, so we posed for a must-take photo.

We headed into the town, looking for the jetty. In the town is the Taoist Chong Long Gong Temple, which was founded in 1864.

The main god of the temple is Da Bo Gong (大伯公). There is also Ma Zu (妈祖, goddess of the sea), Hai Long Wang (海龙王, dragon king of the sea) and other gods that the townspeople pray to for protection and to bless the fishermen.

Segenting is a simple fishing village where most people make their living by fishing.

It’s high tide when we come here, and the area around the temple is wet. We find that it’s because the waves are washing over the bank and onto the ground.

At the temple, there is a legend of a sacred fish. They say that people who touch the tail of the fish in the pond there will be lucky enough to win the lottery. So people go there to touch the fish.

If you have made it to the temple where the fish pond is located, you have missed the path that takes you to the jetty. So turn around, and as you walk back the way you came, you will see a path leading to the right, and you will understand why you totally missed it when you came this way the first time.

Just beside the path, there is a large rock from which the entrance to another part of the temple is carved. You can go inside and you will find yourself on the second storey of the building next door, where you can get a nice view of the area.

Head back down and you will finally get to the jetty. There is a really nice tea cafe there, but we didn’t have the time this round to sit and enjoy the sea. Instead, we walked 180 metres out to the sea on the concrete jetty.

Once upon a time, this jetty was made of wood. But now, it’s cement. Despite it being solid, it’s still quite unnerving to walk out to the end, what with the strong winds and high tide, and the sea water less than 2 metres below us.

Despite there being others present, and even though a few attempted to walk out, no one walked out to as far as we did, which is to the end of the jetty.

It’s lovely. You got to try it.

It’s called Lover’s Bridge.

But as far as we know, they’re not lovers… yet. Jia you Teck Hwa & Yan Hui 😝

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