Melaka Weekend — Bar Hopping

One thing we enjoyed about our time in Melaka Town was the number of bars we visited. Actually, this isn’t an activity that Baby Tilapia does. Since we were in the company of friends, it was fun.

Melaka does have nightlife, but it seems all concentrated around the Jonker Street area. There’s the night market, of course, and all the bars that are in the area, especially along the Melaka River.

Baby Tilapia remembers when he was a kid, he used to follow his parents whenever they came to Melaka, and he remembers that the river used to stink. At some point, a RM350 million infrastructure project was carried out to clean up the river and turn it into what it is today.

As we walked along the river, we would see a river cruise come by from either direction every few minutes. The river cruise is a good way to see the Melaka River area without having to walk the whole stretch.

As it was close to Deepavali when we were in Melaka, the river was also lit up for the Festival of Lights.

At our first night at Melaka, Baby Crab, Teck Hwa and Yan Hui settled on some very hard rattan chairs at a bar alongside the Melaka River. Regrettably, we do not know the name of the bar, but we did have a bucket of 5 beers for RM50.

At our second night, we visited The Old Merchant at the same stretch of bars. Baby Tilapia had a Cendol Malacca, which he seemed to get drunk after, but only for a short while. We stayed and chatted there for about an hour, until the music got too loud, and we left to find another bar.

Our third bar was CrazyBaby… or so we thought. It’s not until much later that we discovered that its actual name is GravyBaby 😂. On Saturday nights, you can go up to the rooftop, but as we were there on a Sunday night, only the lower level was available for seating.

Here we had fries, chicken, and more alcohol. Well, some of us did. The sad thing is that they closed quite early at around 11.30pm, so we had to leave. We thought of going somewhere else, but we’ve got a long drive the next day, so we headed back to the hotel instead.

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